Sunshine Brady and the Moonlight Lady

Sunshine Brady and the Moonlight Lady POP/CLASSIC

When you hear your first tracks of Sunshine Brady and the Moonlight Lady, you will be struck by its classic uniqueness, and yet it has a familiar ring, like the telephone at your grandmother’s house, or the crackle of a vinyl record. Most of all, these kids will make you smile. I recently had the pleasure of interviewing Ryan and Becca about their music. They haven’t quite made an internet presence but they have a facebook group and you can find them on

Where are you two from?
Utah born, Washington raised.

When did you start playing music together?
The Summer of 2007. We didn’t have anything to do with each other until we got older.

You must have come from a musical family.
Kinda. Music is just something our family loves. We grew up singing to the oldies. And at one point all of us kids played an instrument, at least for a year.

Your music has a very unique sound, with what sounds like old time influences. Who are some bands that have influenced your style?
BECCA: For my style I am influenced by The Mamas and the Papas, The Carpenters, The Beatles, Ella Fitzgerald, Lionel Richie and anyone else with soul.
RYAN: I have been greatly influenced by the Beatles, Jim Reeves, Cat Stevens, Bing Crosby, Weezer, Flogging Molly, The Three D’s, The Carpenters, Roger Whitaker and the Smothers Brothers.

Have either of you played in any other bands?
Not really. Ryan has been known to play around, though.

What’s on your iPod now?
RYAN:Lionel Richie’s Greatest Hits, Garrett Sherwood’s Word Salad, Nirvana’s Greatest Hits, The Janesville Dolls, Knifeshow, Shel Silverstein (Where the sidewalk ends), The three D’s, The Beatles White Album.
BECCA: Ohh, too much to tell. Every band stated prior to this comment and beyond.

What role does your faith play in your life? Can we hear this in your lyrics?
I guess you could say our faith is what defines us. It sharpens our focus to everything virtuous, lovely of good report and praiseworthy; I think that is what shows the most in our lyrics. We love to write about love, and find it pleasing to be funny in a serious way or serious in a funny way.

Do you both plan on continuing with your music? What do you want to do when you grow up?
RYAN: Sure, I guess, but always as a hobby, and never for filthy lucre. When I grow up I just wanna be a nice old, nice old Raggedy Man.
BECCA: It would love to, but I’m a kinda lazy. I’m more of a dreamer. Also, Ryan and I have very separate lives. I’m married and expecting a baby in January. So the main focus in my life is my family. I know if I was single things would be a lot different.

Where can we hear your songs and learn more about your music?
We have a group page on facebook and also an artist page on Hopefully we will get a CD out soon.

Any shows coming up?
Umm… we would like to have a Beatles Tribute concert sometime this summer. And family reunion July 2009…Maybe we’ll play in Rexburg during the fall.

Where did you get the name “Sunshine Brady and the Moonlight Lady”?
Sunshine Brady is in honor of our big brother and role model, Adam Brady Hayes. He’s very sunshiney. And “Moonlight Lady” just because it rhymed. Becca’s husband came up with it.

Sunshine Brady and the Moonlight Lady

6 thoughts on “Sunshine Brady and the Moonlight Lady

  1. Very interesting indeed.

    I must admit though.. I keep thinking of the name as something about a Moonshine lady 🙂 Eventually I’ll say it right!


  2. Trina says:

    sunshine brady and the moonlight lady are an incredibly talented duo. i love hearing them play! they have a lot of energy and seem to have a blast together. and as their big sister, i’m furiously crazy about them. 🙂


  3. Logan says:

    Nice!!, this is pretty legit sounding……..I’m pretty darn excited for the family reunion coming up! play on Sunshine Brady and the Moonlight Lady!!


  4. eric says:

    i think that they are probably the greatest band to walk the face of the earth. Sometimes you just get tired of hearing that winy kid complain about his feelings and hearing about jonny the strong can be refreshing.


  5. James says:

    Sunshine Brady and the Moonlight Lady have revolutionized music. They are the greatest band that has ever played, Period! Their music blows all the nonsensical garbage out of the water. Whenever I listen to them their music fills my soul with delight. At every concert I’ve gone to it’s always a wait through mediocrity and boorishness until Sunshine Brady and The Moonlight Lady get up; then everyone knows that it is time to rock.


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