Rebecca Watkins


I came across Rebecca Watkins’ name from a random search of the Internet. What I found was a surprisingly good songwriter from Missouri, who borrows heavily from the pop rock scene of today. Rebecca has an interesting voice that cuts over her songs, and her lyrics are deceptively expressive. I was pleasantly surprised by the depth I found in her tunes. Rebecca has a lot of life and experience in front of her and I’m looking forward to hearing how it turns out. I’ve found that Rebecca has a very accessible style and I predict good things from her. Personal recommendations: “Never Get Away” and “I’ll Be Gone”

How long have you been LDS? Your whole life?

A: I have been LDS for a long time! I was born into the church.

Would you consider it an important part of your life?
A: Definitely! I love the gospel, it truly gets me through hard times and has taught be valuable lessons that I might not have learned if it wasn’t for the church.

How’s the music scene in Missouri?

A: I wouldn’t really know but if I had to take a guess I would say it was a lot of rap and country. Can’t go wrong with that mix.

When did you start writing music?

A: I technically started writing music when I was about 14 years old. At the time I hadn’t even discovered I could play guitar. I mostly just wrote lyrics. (They were horrible by the way) =)

What musicians influenced you to begin with?
A: I never wanted to be singer/songwriter until I heard of Michelle Branch. I thought she was amazing! Here was a girl who wasn’t all about having someone else write her music. I loved that! She was the reason I wanted to learn guitar! I never knew I had any talent for it!

How would you describe your music? Seems like you talk about love in your songs, and relationships in general. What general themes can we expect to hear in your songs?
A: Granted, I’m not one of those experimental songwriters. Well, look! I’m a 20 year old girl and certain topics just seem to fit. I want to write things that other people can relate to. I’ve always thought that was the reason for songs. I do like to write about love/relationships… but guess what? As of now, I have never been in a relationship! It’s pretty cool to step into someone else’s place and write like it was happening to you. Other than that, I love to write on my feelings in certain experiences, whether it be negative or positive.

What experiences have you had growing up that contributed to your songwriting?
A: Good question! A lot of the experiences so far are from personal instances with family or friends. No need to brand it as a touchy subject, it’s good to vent a little-in a tactful way of course.

How has being LDS influenced the things you write about?
A: Being a member has shown me it’s not necessary to throw inappropriate content into a song to prove yourself. To me clean songs send a message better. If a song is nothing but cursing then that’s all people are going to focus on. It’s a popular thing in today’s world to make a statement by adding a “parental control” sticker on the front of your CD. Honestly, what are you getting
from it?

Do you have a band that plays gigs, or do you just record demos at studios?

A: I don’t have a band mostly because I don’t know anyone who could back me up. I have a good friend who has studio equipment who bends [over] backwards to arrange and record my music! He was my guitar teacher!

If fans wanted to hear more of your music, where could they go to hear it?
A: Right here on MySpace is the best place to do it.

Rebecca Watkins’ music can be found at!

Rebecca Watkins

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